AJR Data Recovery Services

Our price list

The following list of prices is based on a flat rate price for logical recovery of data:

USB Memory - £39 to £89 depending on size
Camera memory - £39 to £89 depending on size
Most hard drives IDE or SATA - £89
External hard drives USB, Firewire, eSata etc - £89
RAID drives - £159
DVD/CD ROMs - £39
Hard drives for cameras - £89
MP3 Players, iPads, tablets, iPods etc - £89

These are guide prices. Free quotes are always given for all data recovery jobs that we receive.
Any drive that needs to be physically repaired will usually need a donor component or part.
Most donors or parts will be between £3 and £40 depending on component. 
No recovery will be started until the quote has been agreed upon. All prices are subject to 20% VAT.

We also have a no data no charge policy. If we can not recover your data there is no charge.
Even if the clean room or parts have been used, there is no charge.

UK VAT No: 973 0392 12
UK Data Protection Department
Registration No: A8020185

For data recovery and file recovery services call
AJR Data Recovery Services on 
01249 715425
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